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NYC Bar Association
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New York State Bar Association
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Suffolk County Women’s Bar Association
Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York 
Legal Aid Society of Nassau County
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New York Law Journal
Mental and Physical Disability Law Reporter 


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Cornell Law Legal Information Institute
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LawHelp NY
SevereNet - Social Security Disability benefits law information and resources                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Using the Americans with Disabilities Act to Protect the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities in TANF Programs: A Manual for Non-Litigation Advocacy - NCLEJ has just released the 2011 edition, authored by Cary LaCheen, a national expert on the application of federal disability rights laws to public benefits programs.


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ADA Home Page
United Spinal Association  Federal Student Aid Office of the Ombudsman
Job Accommodation Network
Long Island Association for AIDS Care, Inc.

Medicare Rights Center
National Council on Disability
New York State Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
New York State Department of Family Assistance
Social Security Online
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 
Veterans and Military Assistance

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Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law
Empire Justice Center
The IOLA Fund of the State of New York - Funding for legal assistance to low income New Yorkers.
National Senior Citizens Law Center - The National Senior Citizens Law Center advocates nationwide to promote the independence and well-being of low-income elderly individuals, as well as persons with disabilities, with particular emphasis on women and racial and ethnic minorities. - Helping to increase the availabilty of legal representation to low income people by creating a virtual community of public interest lawyers, both nationally and regionally.
Western New York Law Center 


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