The David Project

The David Project: Assist HIV-infected people and their families with a wide range of legal problems, including public benefits, housing, consumer, family matters, discrimination issues, access to health care, and planning for the future through wills, guardianships and advance directives for medical treatment. There are no financial eligibility requirements, but cases are prioritized based on urgency and program resources.

Family Stabilization is a focus. In addition to legal services, the David Project provides a range of support services.
We provide family stabilization support services to HIV affected families with minor children in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
We help families make future care and custody decisions. We help families with the process of disclosure. We help families with issues faced by new caregivers. We make referrals and linkages to other needed services.

The Project receives funds from the AIDS Institute of the NYS Department of Health and from the federal government under the Ryan White Act and administered by Nassau and Suffolk Counties.