The Legal Support Center for Advocates

The Legal Support Center for Advocates (LSCA): LSCA has a unique role at Law Services as a legal back-up center for advocates from social service agencies, religious organizations, health care facilities and other community-based agencies.   The Center’s Helpline provides phone support to community advocates so they may effectively assist their clients in welfare, housing, access to health care, disability issues, and other legal matters. This partnership with the community is especially valuable as it enables us to exponentially serve more clients than would be possible with our limited resources for direct legal services. When appropriate, the Center facilitates referrals to one of Law Services many programs.

In addition to providing legal information and referrals to advocates relating to their clients’ issues, the Center also provides community training seminars and publishes an educational newsletter, Law Services News  and an e-news service Legal Lessons (sign up on homepage).


The Legal Support Center for Advocates is funded in part by United Way of L.I. and various other private and government funding sources.