We receive many expressions of gratitude from our clients, their families, and the community. The following are excerpted from actual correspondence

“Thank you for visiting our office and for being part of our Diversity and Inclusion event. Your passion and dedication is very admirable and inspiring.”

Client of the Nassau VLP:
“I would like to convey my deepest thanks to you, Ms Biller and your fine organization for allowing Mr. A (pro bono attorney) to help me with my bankruptcy case…I just can’t seem to say enough good things about him. Ms. Rosemary, the secretary for the Volunteer Lawyers Project was very helpful and patient with me…Your organization is doing a great service for the Long Island community. As a disabled individual with lots of complex issues, I would not have been able to afford the quality of legal representation that was provided to me.”

Dear Maria, “ I have been remiss in sending my profound thanks for the wonderful training you gave us last Friday.You conveyed so much helpful information and helped us all to be better advocates for those we serve. All of our Core Workers able to attend expressed their gratitude – and felt it was a very good use of time. I have already this week used the knowledge I gained to help three different Participants! So, again, our thanks for a well-organized, comprehensive training session.”  A community advocate who’s agency received an on-site training conducted by Maria Dosso.

“Thank you for representing me at my fair hearing with the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance…I appreciate your knowledge and dedication to my case.  I am very elated with the results of the fair hearing and know that without you I would not have had the chance to let my voice be heard.

I hope that you and Nassau Suffolk Law Services Committee, Inc continue to support people in and around the community. Your services were very much appreciated and will be forever remembered.” A grateful client of the Welfare Unit, Hempstead.

“Hi Ellen, We are all excited and I am so relieved that (my daughter, D.) will resume with her program…We cant thank you enough for all you have done to enable D. to attend her day care program.  From what I’ve heard, you have set a precedent in the Medicaid system. Heartfelt thanks.L & D.”A parent of a medically fragile client served by our Protection and Advocacy Project whose daughter regained access to her adult day care program with a private duty nurse.

“A special thanks to Mrs. Pat Caruso, In a world often filled with ‘me,me,me,’ you were there with your unselfish heart… In a world that needs more humanitarians, you shine! I appreciate you. Thanks a bunch. Fondly, M.G.” A grateful client and donor served by our PLAN Cancer Project.

“Dear Cathy, You have made a major impact on this woman’s life.  She is holding her head up high…”, The Legal Support Center For Advocates

“Dear Mrs. Snow Few things in life are as stressful as when a family member experiences a health crisis.  This, coupled with the challenges of dealing with insurance companies, can make the situation even more traumatic.  The past several years have been very difficult for my family as we wrestled with my husband’s health and insurance issues.  Your assistance changed everything.  Your knowledge of the medical and legal issues and the clarity and willingness with which you communicated it comforted us as we navigated the system. Equally important, you brought a great deal of humanity to the process.  Your kindness and compassion meant just as much to us as the legal counsel you provided.
A client of the PLAN Project

“Maria, on behalf of the Low Income Forum Committee, thank you again for presenting at the Forum on Energy.  We always receive positive feedback overall from your presentations. The information on legal advocacy is an invaluable resource to the low income population on Long Island and your time and efforts were well appreciated…Sincere thanks and appreciation.” LIPA’s Low Income Forum Planning Committee   The Legal Center For Advocates praised for participating at an on site training.

“I reached out to Law Services on numerous occasions.  Your attorney was quick to pick up the phone, never rushed me, listed to all my concerns, and immediately returned phone calls when I was upset and in a panic mode.  She never put me off, was very patient, and facilitated the recovery of the medication fee that was improperly charged to my mother. Your attorney helped me all the way…She explained the NYS adult home regulations in detail to me. Because of her, I was empowered with the knowledge so that I could keep management at the facility on their toes! Being a Senior Citizen myself, I appreciated all the help she offered, and she seemed happy to do it.”Daughter of adult home resident

I so personally appreciate and wish to thank your attorney and social worker for their outstanding personal service on my behalf.  They both are a credit to your firm.  I am very grateful for their outstanding professional efforts which so achieved the positive results with respect to my case.”Client of the Suffolk Civil Unit

“I have Nassau Suffolk Law Services to thank for helping me through this difficult time. Without this free legal service in my community, seniors and other Long Island residents in need would not be able to afford an attorney to help them with their legal problems.”Mr. S., Nassau County senior

“I was fortunate to meet my Law Services attorney who became far more than my advocate…She always had time for me. She answered my questions… She was supportive every step of the way…She was a bright and shining light in a very dark sky. I don’t want to think about where I’d be today, if she had not been there. Everyone I have encountered in your office, on the phone or in person, from the receptionist to the other attorneys, they are all superlative.”PAIR Unit client

The Seniors Unit “illustrates the enormous good that can be done by a single professional determined to serve her clients, some of the most vulnerable members of the County…” “…to help your agency help other families who likewise might be in desperate circumstances and who need the legal advise and assistance of wonderful attorneys like Rose Caputo.”Linda S. , Grateful benefactor of the Senior Citizen Law Project

“Tom has done so much. He doesn’t approach people or cases like they are “just a job.” He truly cares. All of this speaks so well and so highly of Tom and your entire organization. It is all something that my family and I are extremely grateful for and for which everyone in your organization should take pride. I thank you.”

A client of the Suffolk Civil Unit defended in an eviction proceeding