NYS Bar Foundation Congratulates NSLS on Receiving a Grant for the Veterans Rights Project.

With so many veterans on Long Island, the funding is being put to good use. In a recent case, a veteran and reservist was being evicted from the apartment where he, his fiancé and child were living. A few months remained until he would be deployed, and he was eligible for full time military pay and a housing stipend. The Veterans Rights Project attorney was able to negotiate with the landlord’s attorney by citing federal laws that protect active military personnel and assuring the landlord that the veteran was willing and able to make ongoing payments as well as payments towards the rental arrears to avoid the eviction. The negotiation was successful and the veteran was able to go overseas knowing that his family would continue to have secure housing.

NSLS’ legal staff is very gratified to be able to assist in cases such as these to extend legal protections to our veterans.